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  • Routine check ups
  • Geriatric specific check ups to help identify the specific needs your older pet might have
  • Obesity check ups. Its a growing problem and can lead to heart disease and diabetes to name a few
  • Dental check ups. Dental hygiene is extremely important in fighting off gum disease which leads to poor dentition
  • Pre Travel checks to ensure your pet is fit for travel. Essential depending on were your pet is travelling under the Pet Passport scheme
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Ultrasound Scans

  • New scanner with a great quality image. Custom made for small animal use.
  • Very helpful piece of equipment for any abdominal issues
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Pregnancy Scans

  • Scans can be performed from day 28 of pregnancy
  • Great for confirming pregnancy
  • Shows foetal vitality, heartbeats, compares foetal sizes and gives estimates of numbers
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Pet Passports

  • We are licensed to issue and update Pet Passports
  • Vital when travelling in certain areas
  • Please contact the clinic for anymore information
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  • We are very proud to have a gas anaesthetic system for all our surgical procedures
  • Purpose built surgical area
  • Fully equipped surgical facilities
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  • We have invested heavily in our xray equipment
  • New Digital technology
  • Great quality images and vital to have for certain cases
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  • It is the law now to have all dogs microchipped
  • It also helps if someone jumps the garden fence in reuniting them with their owner
  • Don’t forget our feline friends can be microchipped aswell. With their tendancy to wander it is handy to have them microchipped in attempt to be reunited with them
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Deworming, Flea and Tick treatments

  • Vital part of a good preventative health care plan is routine cover for all parasites
  • Ticks carry a zoonotic disease that can be passed onto humans
  • The life cycle of your flea and tapeworm is linked
  • Intestinal worms can be passed to children if you do not treat regularly
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  • The clinic has a dental machine which can be used for descaling, polishing and removal of teeth if needed
  • All dentals are done under go with the upmost care
  • For all the older patients every care is taken, pre-anaesthetic bloods, fluids during the procedure etc


All important yearly booster vaccinations are needed to keep your animals level of immunity up throughout their life


Neutering of all small animals is performed at our clinic. It is very beneficial to the life long health of your pet, reducing the risk of certain illnesses

Pride Rock Vets

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