Pride Rock Vets

We are a registered practice with both Cats Protection and Dogs Trust.
Therefore, certain owners are entitled to help with neutering of their cat/dog.
Just give us a call or pop in for more information on this.

Cat Neutering

Both male and female cats can be neutered when they weigh 2 kilograms or more. Most cats are this weight when they are around 4/5 months old.

If you aren’t sure if your kitten is heavy enough call in for a free weight check.

Dog Neutering

Male Dogs can be castrated from they are six months of age.

Female Dogs can be spayed from they are six months of age as well. It is our clinics preference to allow the dog to have her first heat.

They usually come into heat from they are six months to 1 year old. They can be spayed 2 months after their heat.

Other Animal Neutering

We neuter small furries as well. Any more queries around neutering please contact us.

Rabbit Neutering

Male rabbits can be castrated from they are 4 months old and female rabbits can be spayed from 6 months old.

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